7th Aralık 2008

God Alone

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All Muslims believe in the Quran.

Even the worst of them promote the Quran on their websites and in their lives.

Yet, they do not follow “GOD Alone”!.

Even Quranic based websites…Do not follow “GOD Alone”.

You see, GOD does not live inside the Quran…It is merely a “medium” of communication that He uses to talk to us.

The Sunnis and Shia and Submitter and others believe they took their religion from GOD through the Quran…

The Sunnis say GOD told them to follow the “Messenger” and to “take what he gives them”.

The Shia say that GOD told them to follow “Ahlul Bait” and their descendents.

The Submitters say GOD told them to follow “19” and the writings of Rashad Khalifa.

The fact of the matter is:

GOD never told these people ANYTHING!!!

They invented lies and attributed them to GOD…

They even started forcing people to accept their lies and branding those who disagree as “Apostate and Rejecter”.

Following GOD Alone simply means: Following GOD Alone.

Yes, its that simple!.

No tricks, no catches, no loopholes…

The Quran is NOT GOD, nor are human beings or even the Angels…

GOD can only be represented by Himself.

We open our heart to His guidance and ask Him to show us the right from wrong.

He speaks to us through His words in the Quran, and we LISTEN rather than talk and force meanings.

When GOD tells us to fast, we ask Him to explain to us through His words where, when and how.

When GOD asks us to pay charity…We ask Him ALONE for guidance.

“You ALONE we worship, you ALONE we seek” (Quran 1:5)

If we cannot find it clearly written in the Quran, then GOD never said it!.

That is as easy as it gets…

We have found that our lives and souls have been liberated by this approach, and that we are able to serve Him the way He should be served…

Put your faith in GOD Alone and He will guide you:

“Say: ‘Does any of your idols guide to the truth?’ Say: ‘GOD guides to the truth. Is one who guides to the truth more worthy of being followed?, or one who does not guide except after he is guided? What is wrong with your judgment?” (Quran 10:35)

This website will not guide you. Nor can it do anything for you. We can only be “instruments” if the Lord chooses to guide you…

Praise be to Him who initiated the heavens and the Earth… http://free-minds.org/god

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